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Terra On The Bench is here to set the tone for discussion. Topics include education, lifestyle, and environmental subjects. Chrisselle is an environmentalist with passions that lye in outreach, art, photography, research, and more. Let’s sit and enjoy.


Chrisselle, October 28, 2023

For the environmentally passionate and concerned individuals , there are reemerging feelings of guilt. These feelings could be triggered when you realize…

Chrisselle, September 15, 2023

I was asked to respond to a 2020 judicial case. Friends at Living Well Black, Inc. were interested in this case because the message aligns with the very fabric of the organization's mission…

Chrisselle, October 4, 2022

The survey that was released in September brought in some valuable results and insight. The information gathered from all the respondents and from the research has provided some key points..

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